migraine treatment jacksonville fl

It is important for you to understand that many patients will suffer from migraines in one or more zones, and your plastic surgeon will determine exactly what zone migraine surgery. In order to be eligible for migraine surgery, your migraine diagnosis must be confirmed by a neurologist, and you must have tried other medical treatment as directed by a neurologist. You must also experience two migraine attacks per week or one migraine attack that lasts two days

  • migraine treatment jacksonville flFrontal Zone: If you experience most migraine headaches behind your eyebrows, between your eyes, or on the sides of your forehead, you most likely suffer from frontal migraines. These attacks will normally start between the eyes and move to the rest of the head. In migraine surgery, the muscle causing nerve irritation will be removed to dramatically improve migraine symptoms through small incisions hidden in the upper eyelids.
  • Temporal Zone: If you find most of your migraines starting in your temples or the sides of your head, you could be suffering from temporal migraines. These are often triggered by stress or grinding the teeth. In migraine surgery, a small nerve normally pinched by your chewing muscles will be removed to reduce the overall frequency and likelihood of a migraine attack.
  • Occipital Zone: If your migraines primarily start in the back of your head and upper neck, you could suffer from occipital migraines, which are normally related to stress or an injury to the back of the head. Migraine surgery will release the nerve that is pinched by a compressing muscle in that area to reduce the overall frequency of migraine headaches.
  • Nasal Zone: These migraine headaches normally start around the nose and behind the eyes, and they are caused by nasal nerves pinched due to a deviated septum. These headaches are normally dependent upon the weather or nasal congestion, and the symptoms and triggers can be relieved through migraine surgery.

If you are a candidate for surgery, you will be given Botox injections into the corresponding migraine zone, and you will track your headaches for six weeks afterward. Your plastic surgeon will then be able to decide if you qualify for migraine surgery an improvement. There are people who suffer from migraine treatment jacksonville fl for better health quality. There are many ways to get rid of these diseases. It is also mandatory to check with physician before choosing treatment by you.