ignition coil

Cars are undeniably one of the major sources of utility and leisure. This is why giving them regular check and test is a practical thing to do. Preventive maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle functional for long service. It would also help you have repairs under control and more likely to save money. Do not ignore maintenance and be your own car mechanic by doing the basic checks. This way, you can somehow prevent extremely high repair bills.

Pay Attention to the Vehicle’s Engine

Give your vehicle proper care and start in its engine, if you see anything strange, get it checked right away. Sometimes there will be a ticking sound in the engine indicating a possible problem. Don’t ignore this screechy noise when you start the car for there might be an issue in the engine light up. Consider having the engine checked immediately so that you won’t get stuck by it. If there is a heart in your vehicle, that could be the engine, give it a clean, especially within the ignition coil.

ignition coil

Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Coil

You would know if there is an issue within the ignition coil when the engine is behaving intermittently. A bad ignition coil in your vehicle won’t give you a smooth driving. So be wary of the symptoms of failed or weak ignition coils before it is too late. You can actually test the resistance of the coil winding using an ohmmeter. The test is easy, but you need to know the specific resistance of both your primary and secondary coils. Refer to the manufacturer’s specification before you disconnect the battery lead to the ignition coil for a test.

Check Out Burning Coils

A bad spark plug ignition cable can lead to premature failure of an ignition coil. It would also cause a higher resistance giving off a high amount of voltage to be generated from the secondary coil winding. This excessive voltage produces heat which can melt the coil’s wire insulation. Might as well ask assistance from the professional mechanic to be safe.

Replacement Cost of Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is an electrical transformer that creates or induces a voltage. If something is wrong, have it checked immediately, the coil might needs replacement. The cost of each ignition coil depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Some coils are cheaper but, if you need professional help for changing it, it might cost you higher than usual.