There is a drastic development in the medical field. With this development, it can use advanced technology in all walks of life. Sylfirm X is one of the renowned and latest innovations in the medical field. It is related to the micro-needling form of technology which reacts only to the abnormal form of blood vessels as well as tissue.

This is the kind of micro-needling form o device which is approved for the safety treating of neovascularity including the hardest form of treating conditions like melasma and rosacea. This is used in the treatment of selective tissue which increases pigmentation as well as vascular lesions.

It is clinically proven to be most effective as well as safe for treating various issues like wrinkles, acne scars, and redness and also to minimize pores in the skin along with overall improvement of the skin tone.


It is giving the best result for treating skin-related issues. It is a quicker form of treatment as it does not consume much time. It takes only a few hours or minutes to complete the procedure.

This is giving instant visible results in most of the patients. Apart from this, the result can see within a few hours of treatments. The tip of the micro-needling is designed to meet the requirement of operator convenience.

Whether the person is willing to reduce the age signs, get rid of the acne scars or line reduction needed, or even want the general tightening of the skin all these can solve by using a single technology.

It is useful in treating clogged skin. Oily skin as well as acne-prone skin has the chance of getting clogged pores. This cannot be removed and it caused elasticity of the skin and get enlarged. So this can solve y using this laser treatment and give the skin a smoother and glossy look.