The Electric 400 Actuator Control Valve

When speaking of actuators, various types can be used. It comes with various types and designs. All the types are functional and all work for the control valve. Controlling the flow of the fluid in a pipeline can be tricky without setting any device to function. Valve actuators become reliable for the position of the flow of the fluid. Thus, you will be having thorough research on which type or model of a valve actuator you will be needing. The electric 400 valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply is reliable in providing a highly efficient function. The two major components of control valves are the valve body and valve actuator. Valve body provides the fluid connections and the moveable restrictor composed of the following:

  1. Valve stem
  2. Valve plug

The valve plug will be in contact with the fluid that varies the flow.

The electric actuator

The electric valve actuator offers the highest precision-control positioning. The setup is scalable for any force equipment or purpose. It is smooth, repeatable, and quiet. It can be reprogrammed and networked quickly. It can offer direct feedback for maintenance and diagnostics. The function of an electric actuator used electrical energy to actuate equipment, for example, multi-turn valves. Also, the brake typically installed on the motor to keep the media from the opening valve. The 400 valve actuators at Blackhawk Supply use to convert electricity in kinetic energy. The mechanical device makes the kinetic energy moves in a single rotary or linear motion. It automates the valve to increase process complexity and efficiency. The designs of the device are based on the tasks specifically. It can accomplish during the processes in which it intends to. It can also vary in both size and dimension.

Thanks to actuators

Now, there are 2 more applications for electric actuators. The reason why it happened because of the movement towards a massive increase of decentralization that takes place in the automation technology. For the new process controllers used as of today are equipped with the last-generation electric actuators. With that, it can be simpler of meeting the freshly updated automation standards. A recognition of fail-safe capabilities that can conserve the user control over the means even during power loss. Now, making use of electric actuators can be safer since before and until now. Thus, the performance of the valve actuator doesn’t simply control the fluid flow yet helps make the entire movement works according to the specific motion.

There are now more applications for electric actuators due to the movement toward massively increased decentralization taking place in automation technology. New process controllers can now be equipped with last-generation electric actuators, which makes it simpler to meet recently updated automation standards. Thanks to failsafe capabilities that preserve user control over the process even in the event of power loss, using electric actuators are now safer than ever before.