In the last few years, super heroes have become very famous and also become very big business. From the last ten years, there is increasing in number of super hero movies in Hollywood such as spider man, bat man, iron man, avenger series and some other movies. More and more people especially children are very much interested on watching these movies. Many children became big fans to these movies and super heroes. They like the action that super heroes made. Many children dreamed to become super heroes. Many stores take this as an advantage and they started to sell the toys of super heroes. It becomes very big business throughout the world. Marvel store is one of the stores among them. Usually it sells the toys of super heroes, super hero dresses, T shirts, cosmetics and some other items. Generally many kids have common dream to become a super heroes but in real life it is not possible to become a super heroes as they shown in the movies. Then these toys are very helpful to give happiness to the children. It is also advantage to the marvel stores to promote their sales. It can also help them to make good profits by selling these toys.

How children are enjoying with marvel toys    

Children are very much interested in playing with marvel super hero toys such as iron man action figure, superman toys, bat man toys and some other super hero’s toys. They are very much interested because they are huge fans of these super heroes. Not only children, many young peoples and teenagers also like to play with marvel toys such as RC robots, remote control cars and some other toys. It gives more happiness to the children. It is not possible to become the heroes as they watch in the movies but these toys can help them to enjoy and get happiness. Parents can give these toys as a gift to their children on Christmas, birthdays and some other special occasions. By doing this they will feel very happy for sure. In these ways toy stores like DC marvel stores contribute to children happiness.