Finding the perfect ping pong blade is more difficult than it appears, even for the most seasoned table tennis player. Every player has a distinct playing style. Perhaps you’re a defensive player who concentrates on management and the goal of making your opponent’s life tough with a bunch of reverse spin. Or perhaps you want to go through with the offensive with topspin and the goal of a rapid finish, fully outplaying your opponent.Whatever you’re playing style, you most likely desire your table tennis racquet to function in a specific way. That is, the greatest blade for you may not be the best rod for your friend. This article will assist you in selecting the best ping pong blade for you. More information regarding the wood, glue, and technology that go into making Stiga table tennis blades may be found here. You may also learn which blade to use to make a ping pong racket that fits your playing style.

The Woods

We meticulously examine the playing qualities of the various wood varieties while designing Stiga table tennis blades. In general, each wood kind has something unique to offer. We learnt about the distinct playing qualities of blades created within every wood type after analysing hundreds of types, and we are now ready to offer the greatest blades for potential world champions.

The Fibre of Carbon

The ping pong world had a remarkable breakthrough in the noughties. Here comes carbon fibre. This thin, lightweight material adds to greater speed while keeping the blade lightweight. As more individuals recognised the benefits of this material, most of the world’s finest players now utilise carbon fibre blades. Carbon composite is the major characteristic of our Carbonado series blades, which employ the one-of-a-kind, patented, and Swedish-made synthetic fibres, Spread Tow Carbon.