Desmond teo yen koon

With more and more people recognizing not only that people Are the future but also the roles are that they will play, people are encouraging them to become involved so as to shape them to the Future Leaders.

Flip is. In particular by targeting professionals business leaders and gifted and talented pupils and helping to increase their awareness of the responsibility. This instils abilities and beliefs that they will replicate and continue later on in order for them to help shape a better future. They also encourage the young people to become involved in tropical and charitable giving and hence become more sensitive and aware of these two things. Along with this they also attempt to educate them about the workings of charities such as the community as a whole and they handle their own investments, this not only benefits the students but the charities.

There are many Flip Projects they all Depend on the ages. The desmond teo yen koon encompass things like establishing and doing a charity study project and managing into doing charity fundraising to financial helping their 34, a three year charity investment portfolio. All projects give insight into the students on the conducting of a genuine charity and by helping them create their own charity portfolios.

Desmond teo yen koonThose who get involved in a Flip Project will help fundraiser at least 40,000 for local charities and yet much funds they raise are also matched. They will also be encouraged to share in a educational programme to help them know more about strategies and the challenges behind investment management decisions taken by charities, which increase their insight. During the projects the students will receive financial incentives and presents in addition to this.

By aiming to return to society through the community’s Leaders that they not only aid the pupils but also the charities Themselves by providing the tools they need to be able to get to them Involved in activities when they are older. It raises their Awareness of the significance of their participation in the sand these projects Significant effect it has on society.