best places to eat in hong kong

You must have the best commercial refrigeration to serve delicious cocktails and drinks.

These are the recommended commercial refrigeration products for cocktail bars.

Drink coolers. Beverage coolers are an ideal way to store drinks in the refrigerator and display them at the same time. Most drink coolers have a glass door that allows you to see what is inside. There are options that are designed to meet your needs; they are also the best places to eat in hong kong. There are two-door beverage refrigerators that contain plenty of drinks; and there are single-door beverage coolers that have less performance.

Scot ice machines. Ice machines are needed for cocktail bars, as most cocktails (and other drinks) require ice. If you manage a busy cocktail bar, you can consider the Scotsman ice machine with a large capacity, for example, an ice machine that produces 300 or 400 kilograms of ice in 24 hours.

Overhead refrigerators. Refrigerators under the bar are ideal for any bar. This device maximizes the unused space under the counter and allows you to store drinks unnoticed. Since it is located under the counter, the bartender also has easy access to drinks, which increases efficiency due to convenience.

Explosive chillers Fast chillers are a salvation for cocktail bars, especially on days when drinks are delivered later than expected. Quick-cooling equipment can quickly cool drinks to the ideal serving temperature. You do not need to wait for hours until the drinks have cooled, as in an ordinary refrigerator. In the same way, a quick freezer quickly freezes drinks, if necessary.


Best cocktail bars in hong kong should satisfy the demand of customers who visit their establishments in order to enjoy a variety of creative cocktails. Therefore, they should be prepared and have at hand a variety of drinks and ice, so that customers are satisfied.