aluminium extrusion singapore

Aluminum is one of the most used one which we can use in our day to day life. Most of the utensils that we use today will be made of aluminium. Now we will discuss about the various methods of extrusion of aluminium and the different shapes that you can get. There are two methods of extruding aluminium among them one is made with the help of cold and other method is by using heat. The aluminium that you want to extract will be made with the help of powder that is available in the market. The powder has to place in the chamber and you have to apply pressure on the chamber. By applying pressure on the chamber the powder particles that are present in the chamber will get compressed. Due to compression the powder particles will be melted because of the increase in the temperature. The temperature rise will be dependent on the pressure that you have applied on the chamber. By fixing the shape of die the aluminium extrusion singapore will extrude the aluminium in whatever shape that you are required. The basic process of extruding the aluminium is same but the shape will be different depends on the due that you have attached. The another method is done by changing the temperature of the chamber. Because of the change in the temperature the pressure will increased and the aluminium will be extruded.


Lots of equipment will be required to extrude the aluminium from the ore.