Color grading in Photoshop progresses you to a new level. It is because capturing something in camera with precise effects is a humongous task. The color grading will assist you in acquiring a great photograph.

You may be wondering what actually is the ‘color grading’. Well, the procedure of improving and processing the colors on the motion pictures, still image or the video image photo-chemically, digitally or electronically is called the color grading.

Fundamentally color grading is used in the movies or the video footage to add the colors to adjoin emotions to it. This process can also be applied to the photograph and doing so is called color grading in Photoshop.

Why is color grading so important?

Photographs are not the things that just exhibit people’s images in it. They depict stories, provide emotions and blossom memories. The colors give chief content to such images. You want people to grasp something out of your image when they look at it. You want to narrate something through it to the viewers. You want them to feel what you trying to show; you can achieve it without a qualm by color grading in Photoshop.

If you are looking to be a professional photographer, it is cardinal to master the color grading technique. You can take color grading in Photoshop course from the experts present in the vicinity.

Types of color grading

Primly there are two types of color grading in Photoshop, primary and secondary color grading. Primary color grading:In an entire frame, the color channels like blue, red, green’s color density curves are altered by color grade effects affecting the look of whole image. Such a process is referred as primary color grading.

Secondary color grading: Secondary color grading is where you adapt to isolate the range of brightness, saturation and hue to give adjustments in the saturation, hue, and luminance only in certain range, allowing color grading of secondary colors, giving a slight or no effects on the remaining part of the color spectrum.

Mastering color grading technique requires consciousness, hard work and time. A photograph requires a right process and right combination to secure a right look.

Color grading technique wields alteration in layers such as hues, saturation, solid color fill, levels, and curves. Relying upon the quality of the image you need you can alter it to get the desired image.


The movies and the portraits heavily depend upon color grading for getting a high-quality visionary images.  The ambiance, lighting, model and camera settings are important for capturing a picture or footage of the movie, but the importance of color grading cannot be despised.

In color grading in Photoshop, everything starts with having a normal image and ends with securing an enhanced vision of the image.