tantric massage wan chai

People that massage feels good, and most of us know that tantric massage feels even better, but is there any health benefit from tantric massage?

The short answer is yes; tantric massage brings many health benefits for men and women, and is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.

During the sessions of tantric massage wan chai there are no “closed zones”, as in the traditional Western massage, therefore not only sexual pleasure is expected, but also encouraged. Although orgasm is not the main goal, the recipient awakens his feelings and directs his sexual energy in the best possible way. A good tantric massage perfectly improves blood circulation, helps men and women suffering from high blood pressure, and relieves stress.

This ancient art is also one of the best forms of relaxation, which leads to deep sleep; Sex is the best “sleeping pill” nature, but in combination with the intimate touch of a companion or gentle psychotherapist, their powers multiply. Studies have shown that people with sleep disorders benefit greatly from happy-ending massage tsim sha tsui and report more healthy sleep patterns after only a few of them.

tantric massage wan chai


Another group of health benefits with tantric massage is associated with longevity: men who have regular sex can live ten years longer, and are much healthier than their partners, who have sex only once a monthor less. The great benefit of sex has been proven beyond any doubt and is explained by the release of hormones that occurs during and after orgasm. These hormones not only make us feel happy, but their release also plays a vital role in our health and promotes the growth of muscles, bones and hair.