Give Yourself a Manicure

A majority of your style decisions are made for yourself. Why not do it on your own?’

Seeing your nails clean and well-polished boosts your confidence that adds up to your fashion beauty. But there’s nothing more fun doing it yourself comfortably at home.

Do it with confidence by learning the techniques on how to properly clean, shape, or trim, and paint your nails with the use of proper accessories. Accesoriosmanicura will help you find essential accessories so you can do this like a pro!

Clean your nails. Before you apply a color or a clear gloss, you need to make sure your nails are free of the old polish with a safe polish remover. Rub the nail polish remover into your nail using a cotton pad or a durable paper towel until your nails are polish-free.

Trim your nails. You will need a nail clipper and a file — trim nails on your desired length. If you want much shorter nails, it is recommended to use the nail clippers. If you only want to shorten them a little, use a nail file.

Seeing your nails clean

Shape your nails. Use a nail file to create the shape you want – may be a squared edge or a more rounded one. Do it slowly and gently so that you don’t accidentally file your nails shorter than your actual desire.

Push your cuticles back. Use a cuticle oil/cream/lotion. Grab a cuticle pushing tool and gently push back your cuticles.

Wash hands. Use soap and water to make sure that your nails are clean and then them up.

Apply the basecoat. The base coat protects nails from getting polish stains. It also makes the polish color stay longer on your nails, making it last a long time. Let it dry.

Apply the color. Once the base coat is dry, it’s time to apply the polish. Sweep the brush from the upper center part of the nail close to the cuticle, drag it to the tip, and then spread to the sides of the nails. Make sure to even out.

Don’t overload the brush with the polish. Apply thin strokes to avoid making it appear clumpy. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Avoid painting the skin.

Add designs. This step is optional but can take a manicure to the next level. If you feel like creating a design will make it more luxurious, do it! There are tools and accessories found in Accesoriosmanicura intended for designing nails to make them more gorgeous than ever.