rooms for rent glendale ca

            Traveling through the states and getting the feel of all the nature, the history, and architecture is amazing. But after a tiresome day all you want to do is lay in a comfy bed with sheets covering you from head to toe. But that’s not possible in the car, so that’s why there are plenty of motels and hotels, to satisfy your comfort levels. So if you’re passing by Glendale at night stop and look for available rooms for rent in Glendale, CA. There are plenty, but one that will strike you the most is the Glendale Lodge.

Why should you choose this Lodge?

            Yes there may be more options available, which may be better than the Lodge, but you have to hear why it’s good. Well first of all we know that convenience is extremely important to us, and that’s exactly what the Glendale Lodge takes into account. They are located just an hour away from all the hot tourist attractions like Hollywood, Disney Land, Six Flags and so much more. Not to mention they are only 15 minutes away from Downtown LA, and 25 from the airport. They serve breakfast and if you’re a coffee lover they have it all day!

What do they offer?

            If you’re with family or by yourself they will accompany you, they have single rooms, and double room which include the normal necessities, like a TV, dresser, they also have built in bathrooms, so no more of those communal showers. They also have suites available, so if you want to rest in luxury it is possible. Not only that but if you need to work out they have a gym, which you can enter with your key card. They have all the equipment you require, but if you just want to lay back they also have ping pong table. Overall a great place to stay.

How to book?

            When you’re looking for rooms for rent glendale ca you can just all them up to book your room. Or you can also go onto their site; and you can fill out a form and submit it and comment on what kind of room you want. Another way is to go straight there and book a room. But there are chances that there may not be anymore vacancies. So it’s always better to book ahead.