There are often conflicting indications on dog grooming and it is not always easy to decide what is best for your pet. However, proper management benefits the animal and knowing when to wash it, what products to use and what equipment is needed to keep the coat shiny and soft is very important. You can resort to professional Dog grooming Doral groomers or you can do the grooming at home, or even resort to the self-service. Let’s find out below all the useful information to better carry out dog grooming pet grooming Doral.

How often should a dog be washed?

There is no precise rule that establishes how often a dog should be washed, however there are factors that must be considered that indicate how often it can be washed. It is necessary to take into account the type of dog , the type of coat and the life it leads.

These are the determining factors in establishing the periods in which the grooming must be done which can be every 2 weeks, once a month or every two months, or at most once every three and in any case at least four or five times a year. Here are some guidelines to regulate:

        Short-haired, short-haired dog – it is advisable to wash it every 2-3 months. Between washes, always brush the fur with a brush to remove dead hair. Or you can go over the coat with specific wet wipes for dogs.

        Long-haired dog – it is advisable to wash it every 2 weeks, or at most once a month if it is combed regularly at home. Long-haired dogs need frequent grooming to prevent knots that can be difficult to untangle.

It is always essential for everyone to learn how to clean the dog’s coat and brush the coat regularly between grooming.

What shampoos to use for washing dogs?

To perform a proper Dog grooming Doral for dogs you need to use the right shampoo, which must be suitable for the pH of your skin. The ideal shampoo is the one with a neutral pH, an indispensable choice to respect the dog’s pH which is very alkaline, and must preferably have a gradation ranging from 7 to 8.