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Eyechamp is a one-stop hearing centre singapore that provides comprehensive services. The top-rated optical shop is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life by offering high-quality glasses at a reasonable price. Beyond inexpensive glasses,eyechampSingapore integrates optometry and audiology practices —the hearing centers perform hearing exams to provide you with the best-fit hearing solution. Please stop by one of the locations now to get the most delicate glasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids available.

A qualified audiologist will perform the detailed test. You will get reliable findings that will help you identify the kind and severity of your hearing loss, as well as whether or not you need a hearing aid.

The best solution for hearing issues

The applicant should be evaluated by an otolaryngologist (ent surgeon) who has received specialized training and certification in cochlear implant surgery. Audiologists will also perform a battery of hearing tests and hearing aid trials as part of the evaluation process. A fair subsidy to cover the expenses of the gadget and the surgery is available to Singaporeans who are citizens.

What is the purpose of a hearing examination?

The hearing centre singapore offers a basic hearing test known as an audiogram, which determines the lowest sound levels that a person can hear at different pitches of sounds (hearing thresholds). Guided by the in-house audiometrist, the test usually includes the examinee raising their hand when a sound is detected.

Furthermore, the extensive network of relationships with manufacturers gives them a competitive advantage in terms of offering the most inexpensive hearing aids and hearing care services available anywhere. The hearing centerprovides a wide range of custom-made solutions for you and your loved ones, ranging from diagnostic testing to offering hearing care solutions and post-hearing aid fitting follow-up care.

The hearing test will be performed by an audiometrician, who will use an audiometer to determine your hearing ability. During the test, you will wear a headset and hear various sounds of varying volumes and frequencies. Following that, the audiometrician will assess your hearing ability and provide recommendations for suitable solutions. A hearing test is quick and painless, and it can be done in as little as 20 minutes at our state-of-the-art hearing clinic in Singapore. Normality is generally recognized as being less than a threshold of 30 db when the measurement falls below that threshold.